Does the clay mask work? Here is that of MaskPro!


Does the clay mask work? Here is that of MaskPro! This mask is suitable for immediately moisturizing, firming, nourishing and illuminating the skin.
Today I will tell you about the one I tried with the Blue Loto, more suitable for the hot season, but it is also available with the Seaweed, more suitable for the cold and dry season.


Going to closely analyze the INCI of this product we discover that the ingredients from ❤️ are:
Dimethicone, a chemical substance deriving from the family of silicones which, despite possessing objective positive aspects, should be avoided in people who are pregnant, with known allergies or hypersensitivity and also in people who have wounds and / or abrasions on the skin;
Steareth (21 and 2), emulsifiers derived from a fatty acid with the addition of ethylene oxide. They are often used in cosmetics, but if possible better prefer natural emulsifiers;
CI 51319, code with which identifies the dye that gives the lilac color to the cream.
Ultimately all in all the percentage from is only 10% on a product that contains many other excellent ingredients from ? such as the extract of Blue Lotus and Roman Chamomile.
Inside the product we also find only one ingredient from ? which is Kaolin, a natural clay free of potassium silicates and suitable for masks for cleaning the face and which performs a delicate action on the skin to counteract the effects of sebum.
The product is cruelty free and GMP certified.
Rating: ?❤️

??Great. Ecocompatible substances.
?Discrete. Substances of vegetable derivation.
?Good. There may be limitations or doubts.
❤️Sufficient. Substances with great environmental impact.
❤️❤️Not Sufficient. To avoid.
⚫️Forbidden Substance

The mask has a very pleasant fragrance that I found really lovely as its lilac color.
The consistency is very soft and this allows, without using a large quantity of product, to be able to spread the mask all over the face with great ease.
When you wear it, it doesn’t pull at all and dries quickly, 15 minutes pass without you realizing you have a mask on your face.
It is easy to rinse and the feeling it leaves is fresh as well as clean. The skin is visibly brighter and more uniform.

30 thoughts on “Does the clay mask work? Here is that of MaskPro!

  1. I haven’t used a mask since I was a teenager! Thanks for the info on this one so that I can pick the one that’s best for my skin.

  2. The mask sounds lovely! I really enjoy wearing masks while I am trying to relax… or really working on something but calling it my “relax” time. I don’t have time for heavy or painful masks and I like ones that don’t require a lot of product and I can use it more than once or twice!

  3. This seems like a nice product to try out and It would suit my skin brilliantly. I do like clay masks rather than other kinds because they are kinder to my skin

  4. Looks like a pretty promising product to try. I think many people are happy when they used this. Can’t wait to get my hand of this.

  5. Thank you for this review! I’ve not heard of this brand before, but I do like kaolin; I’ve used it before, and it’s very good!

  6. MaskPro is a must try product. I always wanted to try this and I have heard a lot about this before and been looking for this one.

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