What is Demodex?

It’s from this question that today’s column starts to talk about a problem as much as it’s unknown.
The Demodex Folliculorum is a human ecto-parasite that lives in a completely natural way on our face in conjunction with the hair follicles (such as the scalp or the eyelashes and eyebrows).
Its presence is asymptomatic for humans, but in some cases, if its density is high or in situations of subjective intolerance, the same can cause problems.
Some studies show that its presence, in high percentages, is a cause of baldness.
Is there a way to prevent or combat this parasite? Absolutely yes thanks to Ungex .
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The Demodex treatment

Before talking specifically about the treatment to combat demodex it’s important to specify that even simple habits can help in this context. Let’s find out below:
wash skin and hair with hot water and finish with cold water;
stay hydrated by drinking a lot;
have a good sleep routine, sleep at least 8 hours a night.
reduce the consumption of fried and fatty foods;
avoid sharing objects that could transmit the demodex (e.g. towels or combs);
do not smoke and decrease the use of alcohol.
Ifย  you need a specific product to combat them, it is good to use Ungex Hair Tonic .
This product relieves itching and promotes hair growth and its natural composition is based on herbs and essential oils.
Important = this product should only be used if you have a confirmed diagnosis of demodex.

How to use?

To have actual results, the product must be used following specific rules:
read the “user guide” contained in the package;
shake before each use;
always use on damp scalp;
spray evenly over the entire scalp and massage with your fingertips;
don’t rinse.
In addition to this product, Ungex offers a dedicated line to combat this disorder:
1. Demodex Defense Cleanser
2. Demodex Hair Tonic
3. High-Frequency Instrument
4. Skin Demodex Treatment (SDT) & Pro Demodex Treatment
Once you have used all four, you can follow a complete treatment, as well as having personalized advice on this problem available.

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