Fashion: Conchiglie mania, il gioiello più desiderato dell’estate

🇮🇹Viste nella settimana della moda berlinese dello scorso inverno, sono già diventati il gioiello preferito da star come Aimee Song e Leandra Medine.
Quale miglior regalo da fare e da farsi nel giorno della festa della donna?

Scopri i più belli gioielli conchiglia di BYSIMON-ITALY.

Bracelet 22,90 € – Necklace 32,90 €

Earrings 14,90 € – Bracelet 22,90 €

🇬🇧Longing for summer and the desire for the sea with the mania shells, the most desired jewel of the summer.
As seen in last winter’s Berlin fashion week, they have already become the favorite jewel of stars like Aimee Song and Leandra Medine.
What better gift to do and to be done on the day of the woman’s day?

Discover the most beautiful shell jewelry by BYSIMON-ITALY.

16 thoughts on “Fashion: Conchiglie mania, il gioiello più desiderato dell’estate

  1. This jewelry is so pretty. I love all thing a associTed with the beach. My favorite piece listed here is the pink bracelet with the shells and star fish.

  2. Summer and the beach all sound like the things I want to be doing right now! I always collect shells when I go.

  3. You’re right! You just remind me of how I get as much shelled jewelry when I’m back from a beach vacation; they are always so cute and chic.

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