Collaborate with Zaful: opportunity or scam?


Facebook, Instagram and Banner in profusion have made companies like Dresslily, Shein, Rosegal or Zaful names on everyone’s lips.
They are among the most famous shops in proposing the formula of fast fashion at super cheap prices, but also the most criticized for a quality/price offer that isn’t always the best.
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Is buying from these shops a bet? The answer is yes, but it could also be collaborating with it.
Most of these brands are owned by a single company in China that doesn’t always shine for its professionalism.
This is the case of Zaful and of an influencer collaboration story that is beyond belief.

The Proposal

It was 29 October 2019 when I was contacted by Anne, Brand Marketing Manager.
The proposal that was submitted to me was very simple: a post and a story on Instagram with a link in biography for a week, in exchange for a $ 50 coupon to spend on their online shop.

The Collaboration

Once the proposal was accepted and the required work was carried out, it was published on November 20 2019, 9 days before the deadline communicated.
Everything therefore seemed normal and well done if it were not that communicated all this to Anne, 2 days later she points out that the work is incomplete. IG Story and bio links are missing.

The Misunderstanding

Between 25 and 28 November 2019 I will find myself pointing out to Anne over and over that the work has been done completely, despite her stating the opposite, when finally realizing the truth of my words she assures me that between 2 and 4 December 2019 the coupon will be sent to me and ready to spend.
About two weeks go by. The coupon hasn’t arrived.
I contact Anne again and the answer left me stunned: “The coupon wasn’t sent because the job wasn’t carried out.

The Lack of Professionalism

From this moment numerous e-mails will follow and that will prove the completeness of my work despite their denials.
Anne will stop writing to me, while I will look for other ways to get in touch with Zaful by getting back ridiculous answers such as: “Just contact with the one who you contact before” or “To confirm this, you should ask the guy who offer you thoses things “.
It’s December 13 2019 when, unexpectedly, I receive a new e-mail from Anne. Again she reminded that I haven’t completed the job even in the face of evidence showing the opposite.

The Conclusion

Exhausted and incredulous of the lack of professionalism on the part of Zaful, I still waiting the $ 50 coupon.

Collaborate with Zaful: opportunity or scam?
ultima modifica: February 7, 2020
from Cristina Petrini

25 thoughts on “Collaborate with Zaful: opportunity or scam?

  1. Well that is really not cool and I have heard other stories from other brands and reps that are similar. I am so sorry for your issue and have to be honest and say that I have no idea who they are and have not heard of Zaful before. I have heard of SheIN and Dresslilly but will not forget the name for Zaful and will not collaborate with them. I am very sorry for your frustration and appreciate you sharing your experience 🙂

  2. It is so frustrating when companies do this! I had a similar problem with rose gal. we had agreed that I would add in 6 of their items( my favorite ones) to a holiday buy guide and then they would send me a coupon for the amount of the items upon the work being done. after wards I would advertise them on my social media when i recieved the items. Yea needless to say they did not send the coupon upon me posting the blog and they where wanting me to buy the items and then they would reimburse me. Complete scam! not worth your time!!

  3. My Gods! I’m so sorry this happened to you. Something similar happened me not long ago with a company I used to collaborate with. Needless to say I’ve since moved on and am now using a different company for the same products.

  4. Personally I have worked with Dresslily, Rosegal, Rosewe, etc … and I have never had problems, but this experience has been on the verge of reality. In my opinion it is a huge lack of professionalism. After all, it is always serious not to recognize the work that someone does like you and as a brand in my opinion, in so doing, you play your credibility.

  5. It’s important to verify a company is legit and sign a contract before accepting any offer like this. I’m sorry you had to go through this. Hopefully others will see this before they work with that company.

  6. I hate when things like that happen, companies taking advantage of bloggers, good for your for calling them out and let other influencers know

  7. I once collaborated with a jewelry company. They told me to pick out 5 items and I only had to pay shipping. How much shipping could 3 necklaces and 1 ring be? The items took almost 2 months to get to me and were shipped from oversees and cost over $60! Not only that but the jewelry was cheaply made!

    1. It is absurd how difficult it is to find good brands to collaborate with. I hate that bloggers are made fun of because they underestimate their work. By now also to cultivate this job, because for me for example it is not a hobby, you have to constantly understand if you are facing a serious proposal or a scam -.-

  8. What a terrible experience, it’s so tragic the lack of professionalism. Never ordered anything from Zaful yet, this is not a very good review for them. Hope they send you the coupon.

  9. I am sorry to hear how terrifying the experience was. They are worth writing about. This is something that people are quite scared to experience.

  10. Update: Zaful has disappeared into the ether! No coupons and no apologies! -.- Disgusting! Felice was glad I was helpful in warning you.
    I, on the other hand, do not disappoint anyone and invite, to those interested,
    to sign up to the newsletter that will start from March, inside there are things you will not find on the blog such as exclusive freebies, free services and a monthly giveaway that will win an award that can be received directly at home! ❤️????????

  11. Sorry that you’re dealing with that. I had to deal with a similar situation earlier in my blogging career and I learned a lot from it. One thing that I’m careful about now is obtaining a signed contract stating the scope of the work and the agreed compensation – the idea being that I have legal recourse if the terms aren’t met. I’ve had a couple situations come up since and simply threatening to contact a lawyer with the contract in hand is enough to trigger a solution each time. I’ve never had to actually pursue legal action.

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