Coachella Look Inspiration

Coachella Look Inspiration

The Coachella Music Festival is the event of the year, recognized worldwide not only for the wide range of artists taking part in it, but also for the great influence it has on fashion.
The hippy culture on which it is based has evolved without betraying its libertine soul and so the boho style is mixed with country influences, gipsy and sometimes chic.
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Shopping List

Here Goes Nothing Denim Skirt: the patchwork effect of two types of jeans makes this miniskirt playful when suitable for all kinds of looks! Moreover the small price would never make you imagine a good quality of the product and instead there is to be surprised of it! $ 8.63
Maxi DressWhite Flower Child Off The Shoulder Lace Maxi Dress: available in three colors: white, peach pink and pearl gray, I opted for the most ethereal color of all. Slightly transparent you wear it with great ease and comfort without too much effort. A price more than moderate for a more than good quality! $ 18.17

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  1. You really look good on your Coachella outfits, I love it and I am glad that you were able to buy that in a very affordable price.

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