Change of Season and Stomach Pain

It has been spring for about a month and yet our body doesn’t seem to have fully understood it. So gastritis and gastroesophageal reflux are on the agenda. The causes, if not purely psychological, are to be attributed to the change in seasonal nutrition. Which causes an increase in acid secretion. And a consequent greater stress on the digestive phase.
In these states of gastritis it’s better not to hire: foods rich in fats, coffee, spicy seasonings, chocolate, citrus fruits, alcohol, most of the cheeses, cigarettes. And gastro-damaging drugs such as acetisalicylic acid. Cereals, legumes, fruit and vegetables, fish and olive oil are recommended.
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change of season

Phytotherapy to the rescue

To deal with the stomach ache due to the change of season, besides medical therapy, can also be following some advice and herbal remedy. Here are some of the plants that can come to our rescue:
licorice: has an antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory function. Not recommended for those with hypertension, those who use oral contraceptives, those who are diabetic, nephropathic, pregnant and breastfeeding and in children under 12 years;
chamomile and melissa: they help to relieve spasms and inflammations of the gastrointestinal tract, plus melissa has a mild sedative and anxiolytic action. Melissa isn’t recommended for hypothyroid and pregnant and lactating subjects;
ginger: it’s in case of nausea or vomiting;
Other soothing herbs include marsh-mallow, mauve and Icelandic lichen.

stomach ache

Spring detox

The best way to deal with the change of season and prevent stomach ailments is to rid the body of free radicals “taken in” in winter. Following a detoxifying diet capable of rebalancing the body is the solution.
Below is an example of this to be followed for a short period of time.
Breakfast: citrus juice, low-fat white yogurt with cereal flakes. Or toasted wholemeal bread with sugar-free jam. Preferably green tea.
Morning snack: natural low-fat yogurt or a fruit.
Lunch: brown rice seasoned with oil and tomato sauce. Salad with raw artichokes. Or other raw vegetables with oil and lemon, a slice of bread, preferably wholemeal.
Afternoon snack: raw fruit or vegetables. Green tea or herbal tea.
Dinner: cereal and legume soup or vegetable creams, fish. Or lean ricotta, steamed vegetables seasoned with oil and various spices.

41 thoughts on “Change of Season and Stomach Pain

  1. I live in a tropical country so it’s just either hot or hotter. We drink plenty of warm water to keep hydrated and I guess that’s how simple we detoxify.

  2. Sounds like you have a great plan to stick too and all very healthy too which is great. Diets can be life changing xx

  3. I’ve never considered that my diet may be changing seasonally and causing discomforts… I definitely want to try this spring detox, now!

  4. Although me and my family’s concern is more about allergies during seasonal changes, these are very helpful to us to due to occasional abdominal discomfort. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I was not aware that the change of weather and diet can affect the level of acidity in the body. This is something new to me and I am sure my mum is not aware of either. I will ask her to follow your detox tips

  6. Great information! As I read thru this, I was wondering why recently, I have been so gas-y at night before I go to bed. I have been eating similarly for the past 4 months as I am trying to change my eating behaviors. I need to further analyze what I eat and also try some of your herbal ideas. Thanks!

  7. A spring detox is definitely something I need! I’m a big fan of many of the foods you mentioned for the detox – particularly those for breakfast – so it sounds like something I would really enjoy. And I never realised how much my body would benefit from it.

  8. I have stomach issues when I eat too much dairy, so the three servings of yogurt and ricotta would destroy my body. I do like licorice and occasionally eat some to help relieve gastritis issues.

  9. The spring detox looks like a great option. We are going into winter in Australia, so maybe I could do an Autumn detox. I will need to do more research into how it applies in our seasonal changes. Thanks for sparking my interest!

  10. This is so sad. I am sorry if you are suffering from it right now. Every month, I am dealing with dysmenorrhea to the point that i vomit, feel nauseous and couldnt get up. Im really sorry about this.

  11. Oh this reminds me of how much I need to look after myself. I must admit life in isolation gets the best of me, an extra glass of red wine and some more cheese haha. Maybe I should have a closer look on your spring detox.

  12. As someone who knows all too well gastrointestinal issues and reflux, this is great info! I’m constantly sipping chamomile tea, it helps so much! I definitely want to try licorice too as i’ve heard great things about that as well. Thanks so much for sharing these helpful tips!

  13. Great tips. I have a ginger tea that I have always kept readily on hand for any situation in which I am having tummy issues – and it rarely, if ever, fails me! My first solution for everything is tea – I swear I have a tea for every possible issue by now hahaha

  14. I had no idea that the stomach pain might also be caused by a change of season! Thanks a lot for the information!!! Whenever I have any pain, homemade ginger tea is my go-to drink.

  15. I love this! I have heard fennel (licorice ingredient) is great for tummies. I also use it to help with car sickness. I love the recipes for detox! This is a great thing I want to do!

  16. These herbal remedies are something I didn’t know about before. I love the idea of a natural approach to healing the root cause of the pain by doing the detox and taking supplements. Thanks For sharing!

  17. Gastro issues are awful. I’ve suffered for years with ulcerative colitis and have been able to manage pretty well the last few years with diet/exercise and meds. I do still have occasional flares though and always attributed them to stress. I never thought about it relating to changing seasons, thanks for your insight!

  18. I’ve always believed in detoxing our bodies especially our stomach because of all the foods that have preservatives and chemicals even though we try to eat organically sometimes those chemicals can harm us

  19. So interesting, I find shifting seasons can be tricky and I can sometimes get in a funk but I have never thought about how this could be linked to gastro health.

  20. I don’t think I can do a detox. I need to be able to eat what I want to eat, when I want to eat it. Otherwise I get rather cranky! Luckily I don’t really get stomach pains.

  21. When the seasons change, I don’t. I just keep on doing what I am doing, and doing what works for me. I would never try and add something to my lifestyle because I know what works for me (I have a lot of digestive issues myself)… Adding new/different things scares me! haha!

  22. I never really thought about the change of season as a reason for stomach aches, but after this post, this makes so much sense. I love ginger, it’s my go to for digestion and feeling better.

  23. I enjoyed reading this, even though it’s about remedies for discomfort. It’s because I cannot relate to seasonal changes as I am living in the Philippines. We only have wet and dry seasons. So, I’ve learned something new from you today.

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