Céline Inspiring Outfit

Men in Black is back! On the occasion of the release to the cinema of the fourth chapter of this famous saga, here is the outfit of today takes inspiration directly from the Céline shows for a cult idea that never goes out of fashion: from Pulp Fiction to Men in Black. Discover the outfit!

The garments to create this outfit are those that each of us has in our wardrobe with a white shirt, trousers and a black jacket. A simple idea, easy to copy and that surprisingly is also extremely fashionable, indeed haute couture!

26 thoughts on “Céline Inspiring Outfit

  1. I love how you have taken Men in Black as an inspiration I have to admit I grew up loving the original films, I am interested to see how they have done with this new crew.

  2. this is such a great, clean, sleak look. perfect for a night out on the town or black tie event. love how your inspiration was Men in Black.

  3. This whole look suits you perfectly. All the way down to your shoes. We are so excited to see the new Men in Black! I love that you got your inspiration from the new movie!

  4. That looks like a slick outfit you have there. I really thought you are from MIB. You are super pretty.

  5. I know that MIB is going to be a huge huge hit. You are really loving the outfit, are you? You look amazing.

  6. I remember wearing a tie years ago when it was trendy. I’m glad it’s coming back. It’s sharp looking!

  7. Oh wow, black is stunning. I love how you get inspiration from Men In Black. This is so cool and it will be a huge hit!

  8. Honestly, I love that outfit and I do really like your Men in Black inspiration from it. It looks cool and perfect on you.

  9. I find these clothes absolutely stunning and inspriing. Celine makes great products. ANd you are rocking them!

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