Castelpetroso: between Faith and Relax

A new journey in the “region that doesn’t exist”, Molise, leads to the discovery of places where body and soul find a harmonious balance in a very specific place: Castelpetroso.
This small village of about 1700 souls is immersed in the pristine green of the Molise hills, from which you can see the beautiful and fairytale Gothic Sanctuary of Maria Santissima Addolorata. Defined by many as the “Italian Notre Dame”.
In a year of deprivation and suffering, one must take charge of energy and beauty, perhaps by traveling and finding in a freedom that must not be taken for granted and for which one must fight every day, the strength to rediscover the grace of life.
Guest Post by Genny Ciavarra of The S World.


The Manifest of Castelpetroso

Castelpetroso is a medieval village from the Roman era. This place today is important for the Marian apparitions which took place in 1888. Here a young shepherdess, in search of a lost sheep, was struck by a strong light coming from a cave. Intrigued approached and in it had the manifestation of the Madonna who appeared to her with her arms outstretched, her gaze turned to the sky and her heart pierced by seven swords. Other subsequent apparitions made the cave a place of pilgrimage, the same in which a spring was created whose waters are miraculous. It will only be in 1975, at the behest of the bishop, that the place will be consecrated and we will proceed to the sanctuary that can be visited today.

Photos by ©Genny Ciavarra

The Sanctuary of Maria Santissima Addolorata

Due to its architectural style, this incredible and beautiful sanctuary recalls, with an almost melancholy vein, the enchanting Notre Dame Cathedral. In fact, designed in Neo-Gothic style, in 1880, and consecrated in 1975, the Sanctuary of Maria Santissima Addolorata rises a few meters from the old roads of the Molise tratturo that were traveled by shepherds and pilgrims around the green of the woods and hills.
Its gothic structure stands tall and lonely. And along the avenue, which leads to it, it’s possible to see the statues of two Archangels: Michael and Gabriel. Their posture and what they represent invite the pilgrim to take the right attitude on the path of reflection that accompanies him to the sanctuary.


Photos by ©Lowell130

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16 thoughts on “Castelpetroso: between Faith and Relax

  1. Can I teleport here now? Please? This is the first time that I heard about Castelpetroso and I must say the architecture is breathtaking! I am a Catholic and during my trip to Italy last 2019, I visited Rotondo and Assisi. I wish I did more research – I definitely want to check out Castelpetroso. Thank you for another bucket list idea!

  2. This is the first time that I heard of Castelpetroso and it’s interesting to learn how rich its culture is. The historic center of Castelpetroso is a clear example of a medieval village, with its castle, tiny squares and small, charming streets.

  3. This church looks amazing – really like a ‘small’ Notre Dame. I’m going to Italy quite often, hence, on my next trip, I’ll try to include Castelpertroso in my itinerary.

  4. Beautiful. I had never heard of Castelpetroso but as a Catholic and one who with his wife devoted ourselves to Our Lady of Fatima, I love the history of this small village. It is so strange to have never heard of their Marian Apparitions but I loved hearing the young girl’s story and hope to visit this sacred site.
    the Sanctuary of Maria Santissima Addolorata seems quite beautiful and even a little modern inside compared to that of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral but it is beautiful none-the-less. I do find it strange that a pilgrimage church would have not have the Patron Archangel of Pilgrims, Rafael while having the other 2 who had other roles in our faith. But Roman artists are often strange like that.

  5. I feel like so many people miss the mark when they visit places just to vacation. There’s much to see when you visit a city that’s not just tourist attractions. Getting to know the culture is important.

  6. Wow, the architecture in that cathedral is amazing! I would love to visit one day! really miss travelling ATM.

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