Carolina Herrera ispiring outfit

Minimal western. Spring vibrations that wink at the western style engaging it with the most classic and simple rigor of the city. Between suede and sexy boots, a casual look that recalls the old prairie without betraying its metropolitan soul. Discover the Carolina Herrera outfit!

Very simple outfit to replicate and with maximum yield. Who doesn’t have at least one white shirt and a pair of black boots at home? The real difference is the suede miniskirt that is easily available. No matter you don’t have the exact same fantasies, because on the whole it’s really perfect!

23 thoughts on “Carolina Herrera ispiring outfit

  1. You’re so right with recreating this outfit. I’ve a similar skirt and white shirt, and knee length boots at home too! A chic look!

  2. i love caroline herrera. they have some cute pieces for shoes and outfits! not to mention, their bags!! i love shopping there.

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