Brognano ispiring outfit

Spring sin. Just one day from the change of season, winter colors are grafted onto couture temptations, including woolen skirts and college-style pullovers. A tangle of casual chic of codes and metamorphosis signed by Brognano. Discover the outfit!

From the original outfit I steal the idea of ​​a black skirt, long at least up to the knees, to combine a sporty top that is a sweatshirt or a monochromatic pullover from which the collar of the shirt peeps out. Being a casual outfit and to wear for every day I have enhanced it with a pair of comfortable dancers, but that do not deny the elegance.

38 thoughts on “Brognano ispiring outfit

  1. It’s very interesting how you adapted the runway look for your own wardrobe and style. I like the combination and the outfit fits you very well.

  2. This spring, let’s go causal-chic, right? Well, you do look sporty and I love how elegant your dancers look like. I would need such a pair!

  3. I love your outfit and you remind me of just coming out from the wizarding world of Harry Potter! And you’re totally slaying it!

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