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Brandon Maxwell Look Inspiration

Brandon Mawell Look Inspiration

The holidays are a good opportunity to show off this Brandon Maxwell look inspiration, a charming outfit that makes it look its best without giving up the well-being of the wallet. Do quality, beauty and style necessarily have to rhyme with high price and expensive shopping? Not always!
This is how, relying on the warm and enveloping colors of this brand, I chose a look that goes very well with family holidays, combining an elegant and pleasant appearance with comfort and practicality.
From the long sea of ​​Zadar between an icy wind and a sky that looks like a palette of colors, I ask you: how much do you like this look from 1 to 10?
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Shopping List

Dress = Zaful
Earrings = crisshex88
Sandals = fair

Look Inspiration

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32 thoughts on “Brandon Maxwell Look Inspiration

  1. While the color of your dress is deeper and you have a matching fabric belt, I actually like the color of your dress better, especially for you. I do think a pretty gold belt would dress this up even more. This is a beautiful location for a photo shoot!

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