Brandon Maxwell

Brandon Maxwell ispiring outfit

Goodbye, winter. A sweet and sour greeting that is colored with denim and casual dyes. The outfit is a hymn to the simplicity and luxury of Brandon Maxwell reinterpreted in a key economy for everyone. Discover the outfit!

This simple but fashionable outfit was impossible to repeat. It has all the elements that any of us have in the closet from the jacket to the denim trousers up to the black boots. It’s a good way through the simplicity of knowing how fashion we are and rediscovering sometimes how little it takes to be the top.

18 thoughts on “Brandon Maxwell ispiring outfit

    1. I love wearing denim on Denim… I feel so comfortable… Those denim on denim outfits are just perfect

  1. Who just never loves some good denim-on-denim look? The ensemble is always super perfect and you’re rocking it too with the long boots.

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