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Boglio Cosmetic: Innovation and Nature

«It isn’t the erect position, nor the prehensile hand, nor the brain that made man, but all this taken together, in that continuous attitude of critical relationship with the surrounding world, of interpretation of existence and adaptation to always new events» wrote H. Alimen in “The Origins of Man”. Pharmacy has its roots in the rationalization of this need and man’s desire to find a remedy in nature that could soothe or heal infirmities.
Thus was born the figure of the apothecary who creates concoctions, decoctions and preparations precisely with the aim of prescribing treatments for the sick. Over time, this figure has evolved to become a grocer, apothecary and finally a pharmacist. It’s by returning to these origins that the Boglio Pharmacy creates innovative products based on traditional methods.
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The Natural Pharmacy

It’s from a small village pharmacy and Dr. Angelo Boglio‘s passion for medical and natural preparations, that this reality expands over the years to become today a point of reference in the provinces of Biella, Novara and Vercelli, in physical pharmacies, and throughout others country thanks to Fermaperme, their e-commerce.
The development of the “Boglio Cosmetic Innovation” line stems from the desire to offer its customers products that aren’t only of quality, but that are truly natural because they are free of petrolatum, lanoline and dyes. Rich in plant stem cells that favor the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
Their products don’t stop at skincare and haircare, but also continue towards therapeutic purposes such as gels and emulsions for muscle pain or the well-being of the circulatory system.

Photos by ©Yusuf Evli & Edvinas Bruzas

The Wellness Menu

Moving from theory to practice, I wanted to experience first-hand the quality of this product line and to do so I decided to propose a 4-course menu. One “tastier” than the other!
To better understand my evaluation of each product, I refer you to this post where you can find the INCI legend,

73% 💚 + 18% 💛 + 5% ❤️ + 5% ⚪️: delicate cleanser that maintains the natural physiological balance of the skin. With a sweet fragrance, it will give every shower or bath a moment of pure relaxation. Inside it contains anti-aging ingredients and personally I do not recommend it to those with oily skin..

57% 💚 + 14% 💛 + 14% ❤️ + 14% ⚪️: with papaya loaded fruit extract and hyaluronic acid. To apply before the face cream it has a strong moisturizing and smoothing action, as well as lightening. Gives brightness and tone to the skin.
Nickel tested.
Without perfume, petrolatum, lanolin and dyes.

85% 💚 + 8% 💛 + 8% ❤️: with vitamin E, it has a rich, but not greasy texture, and although it’s suitable for all skin types, it’s certainly perfect for those who have particularly dry skin.
Inside it contains rich anti-aging ingredients of natural origin such as:
snap-8: a peptide with botox action to smooth out expression lines, improving skin elasticity;
collagene: to support the skin and make it more compact and toned;
argan oil: which keeps the skin hydrated.
Nickel tested.
Without parabens, petrolatum, lanolin and dyes.

90% 💚💚 + 10% 💛: to finish off a pampering of the muscles thanks to this gel that with its natural ingredients will take care of inflammation, swelling, trauma and muscle pain thanks to:
arnica montana: for a feeling of relief;
gaulteria procumbens: which possesses strong soothing properties;
peppermint essential oil: famous for its calming and adjuvant properties for muscle relaxation;
spirea ulmaria: with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties;
devil’s claw: always used for osteoarticular disorders.


After having studied this line of products closely and having tried them, I can say with certainty that I approve their formulations and above all the results they leave behind. Not only have I been able to see excellent results on my young skin and with the first signs of aging, but also on mature skin. Taking my mom as an example, after the first uses of serum and cream it was evident that the skin was more toned, compact and luminous. Wrinkles are less evident and even the spots are much lighter.
The compositions are highly balanced, always offering, for more than half of its components, 100% natural and eco-compatible ingredients.
I invite you to discover the complete line of their products in their e-commerce and to make your purchases by taking advantage of an exclusive 10% OFF (Code: BEAUTY10).

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