Blue Monday

Blue Monday beauty shopping by Notino

How to transform the saddest day of the year into one in which to rediscover one’s psycho-physical balance? Eschewing anxiety and turning something trivial into a routine that gives wellbeing! Here is my Blue Monday beauty shopping by Notino, the antidote against sadness!
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First Step: Self-Care

The first step to fight Blue Monday is to turn this nefarious day into a day to take care of ourselves.
A good scrub to do in the shower, I recommend the Ziaja Sopot Spa, it’s a good way to start this wellness ritual! It deeply cleanses the skin and removes dead cells, from the gentle and enveloping fragrance it seems to be at the SPA.
How can we not then think about hair? Always and in any case choosing natural and cruelty free products, Nature Box Coconut offers a whole line with coconut oil that moisturizes and gives elasticity and volume to the hair.
Last, but not least, the skin! The mask, with its friendly look, Cloud Mask Merry Berry hydrates and intensely nourishes the skin leaving it fresh and radiant.

Second Step: Make Up

Blue Monday synonymous with sadness? Maybe! But blue is also the color of water, the element that par excellence represents emotions and spirituality.
The Moon, mysterious and poetic and femininity, deep and persuasive, are among the most iconic symbols of this element. This is how this make up is inspired by its elemental spirits, such as ripples and nymphs!
Make Up Revolution Matte Base is the palette of correctors that sees blue, the primary color, mixed with others, and give life to shades to correct skin defects.
Dermacol Duo are two shimmer eye shadows that light up the look of emotion, while the magic to this make-up is given by the NYX Macaron Lippie lipstick color 04 Blue Velvet.
Finally, the touch of class goes through the nails with Maybelline Colorama color 387.
Ode to the blue!

21 thoughts on “Blue Monday beauty shopping by Notino

  1. I would like to try that coconut conditioner. I just came back from a sun holiday and my hair definitely needs some moisturizing and care.

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