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Black & Nude, the Underwear by Wingslove

Lingerie is a fundamental component of the wardrobe, even if its potential is often underestimated. Linen undoubtedly has many functions, apart from the obvious one, ranging from feeling comfortable to exalting one’s femininity. Together with Wingslove we will therefore begin a real journey to discover all the nuances of this intimate and mysterious world. How much is there to discover and learn? Maybe more than you can imagine!
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When the Nude Makes the Difference

It’s not uncommon to associate the nude color with an invisible or essential lingerie, certainly minimal and very often not very intriguing. But is this really the only potential of this color?
It certainly doesn’t have the erotic charge of black and the innocent freshness of white, but its lack of extravagance has its good points.
First of all, a nude color underwear is ideal to use for too risqué transparencies, in fact its greatest gift is to put at ease thanks to its “second skin effect”. It must also be said that an intimate set of this color gives grace and elegance just to wear it.
Immediately, therefore, we went from memories of a grandmother’s underwear to a proposal that highlights the natural beauty and sensuality of the wearer. In short, when we say “making the essential invisible to the eye”.

Wingslove Women’s Lace Bralette Sexy Triangle Sheer Unlined Wirefree Bra

The Essence of Black

As previously mentioned, black is the basic color of excellence, but also the most sophisticated when it comes to sensuality.
At its simplest exception it remains essential and sporty, but functionality isn’t everything. The underwear must also have the ability to enhance the physical characteristics of the wearer and make the woman feel beautiful, not for others, but for herself. Black is therefore the color that helps in this sense par excellence.
A note, however, is to be done, a nice bra of this color is not allowed to “pop” on every occasion. Colors must always be combined!

Wingslove Womens See Through Lace Sexy Sheer Unlined Bra Full Coverage Underwire Bra

Briefs: Which to Choose?

An important aspect to consider when buying underwear is the shape of the briefs. Keeping aside what you prefer, for convenience or practicality, based on your physicality which would be better to choose?
Culotte: excellent for those who have excess roundness to hide due to their containing function;
Tanga and Thong: particularly suitable for those with straight hips and thighs, as they enhance the lower back, but also for those who have an important b-side in Jennifer Lopez style;
Briefs: preferably with a low waist for those with thin hips and large shoulders, while for those with the typical pear-shaped body prefer the classic ones.

Wingslove Women Lace Panties Sexy High Cut Briefs Plus Size Comfort Hipster Underwear

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