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Best Places to Visit in Italy

Be it the historical ruins of Rome, the sinking city of Venice, the hiking trails of Cinque Terre, or the fascinating museums of Florence, Italy offers stirring alchemy of art, architecture and action. It’s a flawless destination in Europe with pretty piazzas, glorious fountains, ancient icons, multiple street cafes and perfect pasta. Very few countries can rival Italy’s romance and appeal. Travellers can taste the world’s best cuisine, dive in turquoise water and scour the fashion in the stores.
Most of these cities can be explored on the train, which gives another exciting reason to schedule a casual holiday here the soonest.


A petite city brimming with love and heritage

It’s the best-selling destination in Italy that remained an immense stronghold during the Middle Ages. It’s a rejuvenating experience when you meander through its winding passageways, punctuated with cafes and squares. The canals of Venice are studded with curvy gondolas; the atmosphere lingers with gondoliers songs. Even if there was nothing special in Italy, you could have just spent your days drifting along the canal and relaxing on the gondola rides.
Everything looks straight out of a fairytale from the Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal. Marvel at the architectural grace, such as Ca’ d’Oro and St. Mark’s Basilica. Stroll, eat and hang out at the heart of Venice, St. Mark’s Square. Don’t forget to stop by Doge’s Palace that looks like it’s almost floating on top of the water.


Rome’s grand gladiatorial arena

Another classic option to tick off during your holiday here is Colosseum. It’s the largest standing amphitheatre in the world that harks back to the 80AD. With a whopping capacity of 50,000 spectators, the destination tops the bucket list of travellers with Italy Visa. No wonder, every year over 7 million people arrive to explore this giant structure built of travertine limestone, tuff, and concrete, by the manpower of tens of thousands of slaves.
Earlier, the arena was used for public events and gladiatorial contests, including dramas, animal hunts, reenactments of battles and more. Although two-third of the structure is damaged due to vandalism and natural calamities, you will stand in awe when you gawk at how massive the Colosseum is! It’s better to get your online tickets beforehand.

Amalfi Coast

Your search for finding heaven on earth ends here!

Stretching over a couple of dozens of mile of coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea, Amalfi Coast embraces warm summers and mild winters. It is not just a seafront spot, rather a collection of towns and villages with distinctive appeal. Its picture-perfect landscape offers a great sight and well-marked trails for hiking.
Go on scenic drives in the beautiful streets of Amalfi, watch the stunning sea views in Ravello, take a boat to the Emerald Cave, and trek through the deep valleys of Vallone delle Ferriere. When you visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you would also stumble upon the luxurious cliffside resorts and hotels. Fold your sleeves because you would be hogging on the best seafood here. It is a quaint, fun-inspired package for your weekend getaway in Italy.


An old-fashioned city of culture, food, and high energy

Naples Beach, Naples, Pier, Naples Zoo, Naples Museum and a bountiful of ttractions
form this delightful destination. It is like a living art that dates back to the 2nd Millennium BC and not much has changed since then. It has retained its character and old-world charm. From Vesuvius on the east to Pozzuoli on the west, there are year-round activities. One of the favourite things here is to hit the beaches, sink feet in the white sand, and celebrate the sunset. To know behind the scenes of many places, join the guided tours with the members of Naples Historical Society.
Discover the 1,000 native flora species in the Botanical gardens, travel on the world’s longest Funicular ride, hike the volcanic mountains, shop from global fashion stores, and devour pasta at the food truck park. Did we say, eat pizza in Naples?


Synonymous with timeless grace

Boasting a trove of historic treasures, world-class art, and valuable landmarks, Tuscany is full of surprises. Brace your heart because you would be head over heels watching the extraordinary landscape and rustic countryside. Throughout the region, you could spot green vineyards, olive groves, hills shadowed by the morning mist, tall towers or evocative alleys — most of which belong to half a millennium ago. For all the art admirers and history buffs, Florence is their Mecca.
One of the best things to do in Italy is browse the number of museums that are full of valuable works. Then, invite yourself to the blissful Chianti where you unwind with a glass of the best wine and savour dishes packed with simple flavours. You can spend your days in the strategically located villas and farmhouses.

Other highlights

Capture the picturesque view of Lake Como.
Go on a retail frenzy at Quadrilatero, Milan.
Toss a coin in Trevi Fountain and make a wish.
Visit the churches of Rome.
Hop on a bicycle for a ride in Florence.
Climb Mount Vesuvius.

From the most artistic buildings to the most gorgeous lake, the country offers unforgettable moments. Check the boxes for these amazing places in Italy for endless entertainment. No doubt, you would toss the coin in the Trevi to ask for another trip round here. So, pack light, grab the sunglass and go on a holiday spree in Italy.

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