Bergomum, a hill that became a city

Bergomum, a hill that became a city. The exhibition born from 40 years of excavations in Roman Bergamo is a journey through time that begins in the Bronze Age and continues to the present day. An exhibition that shows how the city has evolved and grown thanks, above all, to the Roman domination that made it a strategic point of connection with the cities of Milan, Como and Brescia as well as a crossroads for trade.


Living in Bergomum

The city walls were built in the 1st century BC and within the enclosure the city was subdivided into blocks of rectangular shape and organized according to a road system based on the main axis with south-east / north-west course. The intersection of the two main roads takes the name of compitum, crossroads.
The western sector of the city was used as a neighborhood for entertainment buildings such as the theater, the amphitheater and the arena, while the rest of the city saw the birth of residential quarters with prestigious domus that, adapting to the morphology of the hill, favored a vertical development with rooms. basements and floors arranged on terraces at different heights. However towards the end of the third century the northern sector of the city suffered a ruinous fire and subsequently the establishment of ecclesiastical power determined the abandonment of numerous domus and entire residential districts.

Daily life and Bergomum cults

The inhabitants of Bergomum were of various origins and social origins and the known city families are 42. The local origin of some of them is signaled by the presence of indigenous names, while the onomastics of other families indicates a greater integration in the Roman structure . 16 freed from the third name, while the first two names referred to the master’s family. Alongside the gentes endowed with political power, many middle-class families who had achieved well-being and a respectable position lived comfortably.
The forum, the main square of the city, was built between the late Republican age and the first Augustan age. The forum was located on the southern hills of the hills and was visible from the surrounding plain and from the main access roads to the city.
It is precisely in the forum that the temple stood, the Capitolium, where private or public acts of worship were carried out to maintain the pax deorum, the friendship between men and gods.


Visit the exhibition

The exhibition, totally free, takes place in the Palazzo della Ragione in Bergamo until 19 May 2019.
It is possible to download the BERGOMUM application to get a free audio guide.

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  1. I would love to see that! It’s so much fun to learn about ancient culture. Seeing those artifacts and the site really brings home the personal feel of history.

  2. My husband would love to be there. He is a lover of all things history and I am sure he’d have the time of his life if he could visit. I will show him this post. Even if we cannot possibly travel there at this point in our lives, but maybe in the future we will.

  3. It’s so incredibly fascinating how a hill became an entire city!! The photos you’ve added here are simply amazing!

  4. Such an interesting place to visit. I love learning things like history of each places that I visited and this place looks really a good one.

  5. I love learning the history of the places I visit when traveling. This is something I’d definitely be interested in. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have never been to Bergomum before but all of these photos are beautiful! I would love to visit here one day to see all of the history and architecture. It looks fascinating! Thanks for sharing!

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