The Black Friday of July with Notino

The Black Friday of July of Notino, the right opportunity to buy the latest essentials before leaving. Yes, but what are they? Here is my check list!


The self-tanning: Farmona Sun Balance.
A BB mousse to be applied all over the body before leaving, an essential to prepare the skin for the sun and not to go on holiday (whether it is at the sea, in the mountains or in the city) as white as milk! Easy to apply, with the appropriate glove I suggest you buy, it raises the color of the skin by a shade allowing the tan to be faster and more uniform.
Rating 5/5

Thermal water: Uriage Eau Thermale .
This product is essential throughout the year, but especially in the summer and therefore to put in the suitcase before leaving. Specifically, the Uriage thermal water is packaged directly at the source to preserve its benefits as it is naturally moisturizing, protective and soothing. To be used on irritated skin, redness and sunburn, but also to hydrate, fix makeup or simply refresh.
Rating 5/5

make up

The nail polish: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
There is no more boring thing to do on holiday than to brush up on the nail polish. Time is short, the desire also and between sea and activity splinters continuously. For some years now I have found a good solution in using gel glazes. The main advantage is that they do not need the UV / LED lamp and do not devastate the nails once removed, on the other they obviously have a shorter life. However, a good trick is to choose metallic colors: they last longer and chip less!
Rating 4/5

The Make-up: NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow
Impossible not to take the right make-up on vacation, but how to have many shades of eyeshadows and lipsticks without carrying around the whole house? By choosing the small but supplied NYX products. Specifically for the excellent eyeshadows the Ultimate Shadow, available in 6 different combinations (I chose the BRIGHTS), and with 16 well-written and impressive colors inside! While for the lips my choice fell on the Whipped Wonderland with inside 12 different shades between Soft, Metallic and Matte!
Rating 4.5/5


15 thoughts on “The Black Friday of July with Notino

  1. I don’t take make-up with me when I go on holiday, especially on hot weather destination. I like the idea of the thermal water. I use micellar water every evening to clean my skin.

  2. I don’t wear a ton of makeup. My daughter knows more about it, and would probably like any of this! She has used that miracle gel a lot.

  3. Thermal water seems like a great product – I’ve never heard of it before. Defo one that’s useful here in Brisbane with our warm weather pretty much all year round

  4. I have heard of thermal water for many years now and I know it is a great product and idea for hot weather . I will definitely look for it now and give it a go especially when travelling in the heat.

    1. Black friday in july? What a great idea! Love all the products I need to look for them and try them 🙂 thanks for sharing girl!

  5. I’ve been looking to buy thermal water for myself lately so thanks for the recommendation. And have been using Sally Hansen Miracle Gel for a long time. Really like it.

  6. I’ve been looking to buy thermal water for myself lately so thanks for the recommendation. And have been using Sally Hansen Miracle Gel for a long time. Really like it.

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