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LOCATION Il Barrique is an informal restaurant with a few seats, around 30, which in a minimal and simple environment welcomes patrons to make them feel at home. The modern appearance and the bright environment, despite its small size, gives a sense of intimacy and tranquility. Appreciated the details of the bottles that serve as lights on the tables and the almost complete absence of furniture with few functional things and that above all keep the room clean.

SERVICE The service consists of the chef and a waitress who takes care of the whole restaurant most of the time. She is a very young, staid and polite girl who pampers the client without ever being intrusive. Attentive to all customer needs I think so far the best waitress I’ve ever found. Awesome.
Small note on the service, objectively a bit slow, but justified by the dishes that show themselves beyond expectations.

MENU I start by saying that the choice of this restaurant took place based on its menu. Most of the restaurants in Pavia have turned out to be a disappointment especially in the aspect of the dishes as most offer menus with too many dishes, never synonymous with quality, or on the contrary dishes that make one doubt the level of the restaurant (you would never go to Pavia to eat a Genoese pesto or saltimbocca alla romana?)
The Barrique offers an average of 6 dishes per type: appetizers, first courses, second courses and desserts. On the menu it is possible to find for each dish a pairing with a glass of wine or beer as well as a coffee menu, served with the exquisite artisan pastry of the restaurant.
Right quantities, high quality raw materials and delicate flavors, but always present. An encounter between simplicity and goodness.

BILL 94,00 $ in three people for: Selection of Cheeses (with a compote with mouth-watering apples), Soft egg with lobster sauce and citrus marinated scallops (egg cooked at 68 °, creamy and delicious), Salmon with cod ice cream and Istrian Malvasia jelly (the jelly eaten together with the salmon tartare gives it an indescribable taste, but the real surprise is the cod ice cream! I would have eaten a whole cup!), Gnocchetti with Black Angus ragù coupled with a glass of Bricco del Merlo, Oltrepò Pavese – Franco Pellegrini (2015) (incredible delicate and light dishes with an apparently alcoholic and full-bodied wine which is actually very light), Entrecote di Manzo with herb mayonnaise and roast potatoes (meat cooked to perfection and the best roast potatoes ever eaten), Tiramisù Leggero (it really is), 2 coffees including a Slow Emotion and a Chic Generation accompanied by a biscuit, a kiss of a lady and a small meringue. 1 bottle of natural water.

18 thoughts on “Barrique Review

  1. Barrique looks like a great choice in Pavia. The menu is diverse and also makes the best of local ingredients. I’ll try it the next time I’m there!

  2. I love the interior and arts in this place.. Its a big plus for me if the service is good.. I always go back to a place if I feel that I am getting what I paid for..

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