Through thick and thin. Amid uncertainties and confusions, Back to School is back again this year. It doesn’t matter that to regulate it there are bizarre rules and many prohibitions (hoping that very soon it will return to normal!), because the style does not stop. Covid or not, the desire to reveal one’s individuality is always present and here it is expressed in 5 look ideas to be copied.
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/ Shirt “Asos” / Shoes “Deichmann” /


Taking inspiration from the collection proposed by Degaia, what I’m presenting is a style poised between minimal and sporty.
The essential colors and lines, without frills and accessories to characterize this look, underline a simple and natural beauty.
The sporty aspect, albeit glamorous, comes from the cut of the shirt and/or top and from the shoes: sneakers, for a more contemporary touch, moccasins, for someone who winks at the bon ton in “Elite” style.

/ Skirt & Socks “H&M” / Pack “Dresslily” / Sneakers “Lidl” /


Eclectic chic by Gucci explodes in a mix’n’match of elements that are only apparently random.
From baby-style socks to a top with bold transparencies, this look – lready extravagant on its own- requires attention to accessories. Pick one, eye-catching, and make it yours. Whether it’s a pair of oversized bracelets or a kawaii fanny pack, that’s it!
Casual and elegant elements come together for those who aren’t afraid to dare and above all have no intention of going with the flow.

Gilberto Calzolari
/ Body “Asos” / Skirt “H&M” / Sneakers “Inside” /


This year, more than ever, college-style skirts are back in fashion, but the style of Gilberto Calzolari stands out for its uniqueness. His reworking of the same presents them in fresh, youthful, modern and above all sporty looks.
Forget the usual 90s or punk style combinations, it’s time to be bold and sexy, but don’t go overboard.
To combine with a pair of sneakers or a low heel, this look doesn’t want any accessories in sight. Linearity is its strong point.

Peter Pilotto
/ Jumpsuit “Postalmarket” / Hat “H&M” / Gilet “EMP” /


Walking through the streets of Tokyo it’s not difficult to come across an original and unusual street style, why not use it for back to school?
Peter Pilotto‘s outfit is inspired by this current and combines elements that are only apparently contrasting: from the explorer-style jumpsuit to the metal rock denim vest.
The minutiae of details, from the necklace with skulls to the scarf at the waist to be used as a belt, makes it a look as unusual as it is exclusive.

/ Shirt & Jeans “Tally Weijl” / Sandals “Inside” /


On the opposite side of the ocean, we land in the States for a timeless style: country.
Perfect for those who prefer simpler, casual and sober looks. All without giving up on glam!
The idea proposed is that of Blumarine where the classic jeans are colored with patches of various kinds and modernized through well-moderate rips.
To be worn with flat shoes in the morning in the classroom and with heels in the afternoon, and/or in the evening, to conquer.

Among all the proposed styles which one do you like best? Which one characterizes you the most? What is your ideal Back To School (but also Back To Work)?

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