At the beach in style with MissShorthair

The the sea with style with MissShorthair!
This small Glasgow-based company was founded by two women, Maggie and Ann, who founded their first store in Notting Hill. The idea was to sell elegant and good quality accessories at a competitive price and with local designers they started creating trendy pieces and able to adapt to a variety of occasions with designs that change during the year according to the season. Today everyone can buy from Miss Shorthair thanks to their Amazon store.

This kimono available in seven different colors and patterns, it is the classic wild accessory that cannot be missing in a suitcase. It can be used at the beach to wear over a bathing suit or during the day or evening to complete an outfit and give it a boho chic touch. What I like most about this garment is its length, not excessive and therefore also suitable for those who are not very high like me, but above all their fantasies. They are all really very beautiful that choosing which to buy is not easy! Moreover, it remains a very versatile garment to create numerous different combinations and thus indulge one’s imagination!
Rating 4/5

This caftan, available in thirteen different patterns and colors, is exactly what all of us women need to be comfortable and fresh during our beach holidays. To be used over the bikini is easy to put on and take off, but also allows it to be fashionable and elegant when worn for a walk along the beach or a lunch on the beach. What I like best about this collection are the patterns all very delicate and with very pleasant color combinations.
Rating 4/5

Summer holidays are getting closer, there’s no time to lose! Go up MissShorthair and start your shopping!

20 thoughts on “At the beach in style with MissShorthair

    1. So vibrant and happy!

      ? I’m so obsessed with how you styled the kimono in that skeleton outfit, though… Whimsical, curious, gothic looks honestly make me so excited about life. (…That might sound weird, but it just sets my imagination on fire!)

      I’m stoked to browse some more through your blog!

      – ? Alissa Ackerman | Fashion-Philosophy Blogger at https://StoryBehindTheCloth.com

  1. I have never heard of this shop, but I’m intrigued. I love finding smaller businesses like these and supporting them. I will definitely go check out their website to see what dresses they have!

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