Ashley Williams ispiring outfit

The glory of Westminster. Class ’88, a lot of tenacity and ambition. Williams collaborates with Superga, Red or Dead and many other brands. She received the British Fashion Council’s Newgen Award in 2014 and the Emerging Designer of the Year at the Elle Style Awards in 2015. A meteoric and continuous ascent towards the fashion Olympus. Ashley Williams is born, from the name to the brand. Discover the outfit!

The idea has been reported almost completely with minor changes to make it a wearable outfit in everyday life. For this reason I chose a ballerina shoes of a slipper. In the absence of a red pouch, I opted for the bag.

26 thoughts on “Ashley Williams ispiring outfit

  1. I love that you took a runway look at made it your own, you did great! I am not good with high fashion stuff personally, I am a pretty simple girl. I am always impressed though with those who do really create their own unique looks. I love it!

  2. This outfit is definitely one that I would wear. I love that you took some simple inspiration and turned around and made it your own.

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