April in beauty with Notino

Let’s start the month of April with beauty with Notino, the biggest online perfumery where you can find the most famous beauty brands and buy them in total safety.
Notino guarantees up to 90 days for the return of the goods as well as continuous prize contests on their Facebook page and Blog, just follow them to try your luck!
But now let’s talk about it and discover Notino products for the month of April with me!


The Stay Matte Compact Powder from Rimmel is an excellent example of compact powder with a light texture. To be used to give a matt finish to make-up, it is available in eight variants.
Tried and promoted I love its long duration, up to 9 hours, and its breathable properties that do not weigh down the skin.
The powder is a true veil that does not weigh and allows the skin to breathe, not failing to compact it by making it uniform as well as perfectly adapting to the complexion.
Rating 4/5

Bourjois Khol and Contour, with a matte finish, lasts up to 16 hours and its hypoallergenic formula is enriched with natural wax and Vitamin E.
Suffering from irritability to the eyes, prone to tearing and redness, I struggle to carry pencils over and inside my eyes for too long, but finally with this product I found my serenity. From the intense color it is ultra delicate and prevents irritation, also suitable for those who wear contact lenses.
nte la pasta morbida della matita non cola e cosa più importante non irrita gli occhi pur indossandola tutto il giorno. Modifica
Dal tratto deciso nonostante la pasta morbida della matita non cola e cosa più importante non irrita gli occhi pur indossandola tutto il giorno.
From the decisive stroke despite the soft paste of the pencil does not drip and more importantly does not irritate the eyes while wearing it all day.
Rating 5/5

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick is a lipstick with an intense color and a matte finish. Its duration is up to 24 hours and it makes the lips smooth and plumped.
Available in 21 colors, I was pleasantly surprised by its drop-shaped applicator that allows a perfect application to the first pass as well as an elegant packaging.
Despite its soft texture the lipstick is compact on the lips, remaining there for a long time and even after eating an ice cream it is still quite present. The color has slightly disappointed me, from the image it looked more pink instead it is more a peach than I already had, but this doesn’t remove that however I like very much.
Rating 4/5

The Normalizing Blend Shampoo by milk_shake is suitable for those who suffer from oily hair and want to get rid of a greasy and flat scalp. Inside it contains coconut oil triglycerides, organic coriander extract, organic helichrysum extract, panthenol and essential oils of cedar and coriander.
With a refreshing and light effect, this shampoo removes grease residues and promotes the physiological balance of sebum production.
Rating 4/5

The Energizing Blend Conditioner by milk_shake is paraben-free and in addition to making the hair silky and moisturizing it also acts on their structure making them more toned and promoting natural growth. Inside it contains organic rosemary, organic sage, naturally derived glycerin, panthenol pro vitamin B5, menthol, rice bran oil, vitamin E and a mix of 11 essential oils for a natural scent and an energizing effect.
Rating 4/5

Stay Matte Compact Powder by Rimmel006 Warm Beige
Khol and Contour by Bourjois001 Noir-issime
Rouge Velvet The Lipstick by Bourjois02 Flaming’rose
Normalizing Blend Shampoo by milk_shake
Energizing Blend Conditioner by milk_shake

24 thoughts on “April in beauty with Notino

  1. I used to have a Bourjois lipstick that I used until it completely finished, which is very rare for me. I really liked the creamy consistency and the matte finish.

  2. Omg! I am looking for products like these ones as I am struggling with dry and frizzy hair. I do have a normal wave and it doesn’t cooperate no matter what I do with it.

  3. All of this looks like it would be so amazing. I have not gotten new beauty products in a long time. These are some great recommends.

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