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Alcohol: The Ingredient to Discover

Alcohol in cosmetics: is it good or bad?

Never as in this period the word “alcohol” has become recurrent, as well as a necessary asset in the struggle for the preservation of our health. However, acool is also a substance that can very often be found in many cosmetic products.
There are various types of alcohol and to classify which are considered “good” it’s possible to keep this list in mind:
– Behenyl Alcohol
– Cetearyl Alcohol
– Cetyl Alcohol
– Lanolin Alcohol
– Stearyl Alcohol
Even products with the wording “alcohol free” actually contain a small part of it. This is because, according to European laws on cosmetics, each brand can insert this wording only if the acool contained within the product has no annoying effect. This is why it’s possible that it contains other types of alcohol, such as the “good” ones mentioned above.

The properties of alcohol

Most of the time the presence of alcohol within cosmetics is seen as a negative fact, but it isn’t necessarily so. As in all things, it’s the quantity that determines its effect: harmful or useful.
In conclusion, what are the positive effects of alcohol within cosmetic products?
1) It has a bactericidal effect
2) Dissolves the fat
3) Preserves and protects against contamination
4) Reduces inflammation
5) Has a deodorising effect
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The best alcohol-based products

Below is a selectionof products that contain Cetearyl Alcohol.
In detail, this type belongs to the family of fatty spirits. Its emollient function helps to thicken the creams and stabilize them. In addition to protecting the skin and softening it, avoiding the oily effect.
Missha‘s face masks hydrate and nourish the skin deeply and intensely. The cucumber one leaves the same soft and silky, while the green tea one restores elasticity and brightness.
Pixi with its timeless Glow Tonic guarantees a deep cleansing of the pores by eliminating excess sebum.
Green Pharmacy products are: aloe conditioner that’s suitable for dyed or treated hair and improves its structure. Andh aloe and rice milk body cream repairs dry skins by regenerating them effectively and strengthens its barrier.
Finally, the concentrated serum of Eveline Cosmetics supports and accelerates the growth of the eyelashes, as well as strengthening and nourishing them.

The essential of the Lockdown

I decided to end today’s article with a little practical guide: how to survive the Lockdown?

1. Hands

Let’s start with the hands. SpiriTime comes to our rescue with a kit that I find essential: sanitizing gel + moisturizing cream. Because it’s important to kill any bacteria or viruses with which we can come into contact, but also to prevent the hands from drying out due to the acool contained in the gels. Also important are the nails, both for those who had gel or semipermally and those who didn’y. The cuticles without the possibility of going to the beautician will be becoming a nightmare and that’s why Diva & Nice Cosmetics comes to the rescue with its tweezers to eliminate them.

2. Make Up

Another problem from this period is make up. Let’s face it how many wear it? Having only to go out shopping and little else the desire and attention for this gesture has faded. Also why spend a lot of time on something that we will wear for a short time and which, moreover, will not even be noticed because of the mask? A good solution to feeling and appearing in order is: use a BB Cream, perhaps choosing from the vast choice of those proposed by Holika Holika, to appear the skin of the face. And define the look with the Makeup Revolution Duo Brow Definer .

3. Home

Last, but not least, to be included in our survival manual is a scented candle. The time to spend in the house and that we have already spent is forgetful which is why spaces need to be ventilated, but also to be perfumed. My choice is always only one: Yankee Candle.

What do you think of this Lockdown Survival Manual? Do you have anything to add? Let me know with a comment!

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