Alberta Ferretti: Monochrome vs Futurism

The Alberta Ferretti catwalk was the starting point for proposing two look as simple as they are elegant in their exaltation of simplicity.
The first monochromatic outfit recalls the 70s style, reinterpreting it in a modern key.
The second outfit instead imagines a future woman who retires her romantic dress and now in everyday life with a look poised between sophisticated and eccentric.
In both cases, the designer aims to maintain the character and style of the woman, but at the same time push her to find her own extravagance in a chic key.
Reinforced straps from the 90s or Seventies Vibes? What is your favorite?

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Shopping List

1. Monochrome
Top = HM
Trousers = Girlmerry
Sneakers = ZARA

2) Futurism
Top = HM
Trousers = Rosewe
Sneakers = Nike

53 thoughts on “Alberta Ferretti: Monochrome vs Futurism

  1. It’s nice to explore different sorts of fashion. When I look back over the years I see I have been through so many styles.

  2. Loving the inspired looks! You’re definitely rocking the trends. I have that same black shirt from H&M as well and it’s one of my faves.

  3. I do love these looks although I am positive I could not pull them off. I always love the looks on the runway and these are pretty cool for sure.

  4. These are some awesome monochrome outfits. I love the highwaisted trouser with big belt it looks fashionable.

  5. Really cool post, I like the monochrome look the best but the shirt on the second one is like wow! Looking forward to future fashion highlights form you!

  6. Whoa these are really cool and unique looks. Those checkered pants are such a cool look! Bold and stylish.

  7. You can’t go wrong with monochrome outfits. Black, white, and gray are always elegant. I like the first photo with the black top and patterned pants (for me, I’d rather have a solid pants and a patterned top though).

  8. I love those looks. I’ve always been a big fan of the monochrome look. It’s so simple and classic, and you can really snazz it up with colorful accessories.

  9. Both looks are very interesting, and so different from each other. I love the pants in the first one, whilst in the second the blouse is the centerpiece.

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