Ageless skin with EOS treatments


Ageless skin with EOS treatments, yes but how? It is known that with the passage of time wrinkles, imperfections and skin aging are the major enemies of the skin, the same ones that can be aggravated if you do not follow a correct lifestyle such as: healthy eating, physical activity or excessive alcohol and smoking .
Skin aging is determined by internal and external factors through two processes: chronoaging, mainly due to increasing age as well as genetic and hormonal factors, and photoaging, due to environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight, smog, cigarette smoke etc…
To combat this natural process and keep the skin healthy and toned, it is useful to know how to choose the right treatment based on age, but also by performing simple but important daily gestures such as cleansing the face, removing make-up before going to bed or applying it of a face cream.


To understand which treatments are most useful based on age, you can follow a very simple manual such as the one below:
-From 20 to 30 years: hydration & protection
– From 30 to 40 years: cell renewal
– From 40 to 50 years: filling
– From 50 to 55 years: firming
– From 55 to 60 years: stimulation
– Over 60 years: maintenance
It is well keeping in mind this memorandum that EOS presents its TRAME & TEXTURES line for the care and beauty of the face, based on active plant ingredients, free of preservatives and irritated ingredients and in respect of the person and the environment. The line has 4 face creams each with a very specific feature:
LINO: the mix based on Magnolia, Green Tea, Pompolemo and Thujopsis Dolabrata purifies and counteracts the appearance of imperfections. The mix based on citrus bioflavonoids, Broccoli extract and Aloe works as a detoxifier. Rice starch gives an opaque and soothing effect.
VELVET: the special active ingredient based on phosphatidylcholine, Shea Butter and phytosterols promotes the recovery of the hydrolipidic balance. Edelweiss stem cells give a re-compacting effect. Camellia Japonica has antioxidant and stimulating properties for the formation of new collagen.
COTTON: the mix based on Liquorice, Ginsensg, Dioscorea Villosa, Equiseto and Kigelia Africana plays a strong soothing and moisturizing action as well as activating collagen synthesis for healthy and fortified skin. With Shea Butter and Camellia Japonica it is also a valid energizing treatment for dry, stressed and tired skin.
SETA: the system based on phosphatidylcholine, Shea Butter, phytosterols and ceramics strengthens the natural barrier of the skin and promotes the maintenance and recovery of the hydrolipidic balance. The Angico Branco prolongs the moisturizing effect. With Shea Butter and Camellia Japonica it fights free radicals and gives compactness and vitality to stressed skin.
The line is enriched with other products such as the Velluto Face Serum that is fresh and disserting and is able to convey its active ingredients in depth and it would be appropriate to use it before its own cream TRAME & amp; TEXTURES for a healthier, smoother and more compact skin. But also the perfect trio for cleaning the face such as the cleansing cream (emollient and nourishing), the tonic lotion (soothing and invigorating) and finally the micellar water (detergent and make-up remover).
Rating: ??

??Great. Ecocompatible substances.
?Discrete. Substances of vegetable derivation.
?Good. There may be limitations or doubts.
❤️Sufficient. Substances with great environmental impact.
❤️❤️Not Sufficient. To avoid.
⚫️Forbidden Substance


What struck me most about these products was not only their high quality, but also their composition. Starting with the cleansing cream and the tonic lotion that I used mainly as a make-up after to remove the residues of the same and clean and moisturize the skin in depth. First of all it took me only one pass to observe a skin immediately clean, but above all passing it next to the eyes these have not been affected by any effect. Ophthalmologically tested, these products really prove to be what they promise.
As for the face cream, the first thing that struck me was its pleasant and intoxicating scent that immediately reminded me of the sea and the summer, but also its effect. Particularly moisturizing little product is enough to cover the entire face area and its effects last for days, which is why it is not necessary to use it every day (unless you have a particularly dry skin). Very light it is also suitable as a base cream for make-up as well as to combat the first wrinkles.

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    1. A good moisturizer is worth it’s weight in gold. I have skin that varies between dry and oilly depending on the time of the month. I’m in the 30s category and really need to move into my age for skin care. I may try this one.

  1. I think this post has a lot to say about which products are relative to which age. I think you’ve made people aware of which type of brands to use. You are a skin care guru.

  2. I’ve never heard of this brand, but your in-depth review made me interested. Seems like an affordable option for quality skincare.

  3. I love trying new skincare products and these ones sound really great and worth trying. I’ve never heard of this brand but your in-depth review of their products say it all.

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