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about me

Style, magic & self-confidence are the keywords that best describe the readers of The Black Witch.
How can I live my life better?
This is the question from which this innovative platform, with the professionalism of a magazine but the colloquialism of a blog, starts with the creation of its contents.
Every month a range of sections that like a color palette leads us to explore the various nuances of life giving them meaning. From sustainable beauty to accessible fashion. From cultural trips to psycho-physical wellness. From the tastes of tradition and innovation, to exploring the mysteries of magic.
Life is one possibility, let’s live it to the fullest!

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The Black WitchEditor-in-chief CRISTINA PETRINI

I’m Cristina, I love writing and I use my creativity to give new meanings to everyday life.
My dream since childhood was to be a journalist without ever fully understanding what I wanted to tell. So life led me to explore other fields of work from tourism to marketing. I treasured these experiences and today, more adult and aware, I try to give shape to that dream put in the drawer many years ago.
Born and raised in Milan in my whole life, I received numerous stimuli from the cosmopolitan city where I live, learning from it to grow and change.
And today I’m here to offer something unique. Something mine. What I have always sought without finding and therefore I understood was waiting for me to be created.
A meeting point for all women who, like me, love creative simplicity. The attainable uniqueness and the wealth of opportunities.

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