A Sauna to Fight the Flu

Between January and March the peak is reached: it’s the flu. There are many home remedies that help us deal with the flu. But there is an unthinkable ally to rely on: the sauna.
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Sauna or Turkish Bath?

We assume that the sauna is dry, while Turkish bath is wet.
The sauna promotes sweating, for this it’s more suitable for the expulsion of toxins. However, it’s the Turkish bath is a real cure-all for flu and colds.
Among the benefits deriving from these two activities there is also:
muscle relaxation;
the purification of the internal organs;
– the achievement of a smoother and more silky skin.
When making a sauna and/or Turkish bath it’s very important, once you leave, to do:
a cold shower (washing one portion at a time);
drink water (non-carbonated) to replenish the lost liquids.

turkish bath


– prevention of infectious diseases;
– help to those suffering from respiratory diseases, hypotension and chronic skin diseases;
– for those with chronic inflammation;
– help for those who suffered from a heart attack.


– not recommended during the period of menstruation;
– forbidden for those suffering from acute inflammation, decompensated and degenerative heart disease;
– prohibited for those who wear a peacemaker;
– prohibited for those with the minimum pressure around 120.

The photos were taken at Exit Spa Experience (Via Giuseppe Ungaretti 52, Saronno).

20 thoughts on “A Sauna to Fight the Flu

  1. Yeah, whenever you use a sauna it’s a definite must to get water after. I didn’t know about the health benefits with the flu though. I will have to try this out as I have an allergy to the flu shots they give.

  2. I have a hot tub at my home that I love using. I should do some research on what the differences are and how to make it more like a Turkish bath. I do love the idea of the healing properties for colds and flu, although I rarely get either one. But for the rare times I do this would be nice. The only thing I don’t like about this is having to take a cold shower after! I hate cold!

  3. I had no idea that saunas and Turkish baths helped fight the flu. I mean I guess it makes sense. My mum always told me you drowned a cold and sweat out the flu. It would be a fast way to flush out toxins. I’ll have to give a go once we hit flu season here in Australia.

  4. This is very helpful information! I would have never thought to try the sauna or Turkish bath. But now that I think about it, it does make sense!

  5. This makes so much sense. Steam is so good for you when you’re sick. My husband always steams out our bathroom when I get sick for the same reason

  6. I’ve heard about going to the sauna to help fight the flu and chest infections. In fact, I keep trying to encourage my asthmatic partner to try it!

  7. Honestly this is weird my sister and I spent 1 week watching this turkish show then now I’m seeing turkish stuff everywhere sorry a little off topic but definitely would like a turkish bath would you consider doing a post on the best places to visit in Turkey?

    1. I’m confused … I talk about sauna and turkish bath, with all this what does Turkey have to do with it? I say how these two elements of the SPA help against the flu! xD

  8. I have never tried a Turkish bath before but looks like something worth trying actually. Love that you gave both pros and cons makes it easier to consider. Thanks for sharing babes.

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