A blast from the past at Villa Sormani

Villa Sormani Marzorati Uva

A dive into the past at Villa Sormani Marzorati Uva in Missaglia where, thanks to its owners, the story remains alive and real through the many events that it organizes within it. Everything is always aimed at preserving the history of Italy and at national identity.
After all, every day, somewhere, something incredible awaits to be known and this is the perfect place to do it!
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The villa and its secrets

Villa Sormani Marzorati Uva are present today with a seventeenth-century appearance, however their origins are much older. The villa in fact stands on the ruins of a Roman castrum in the thirteenth century, only to become the Sormani Family only in 1648 when Don Paolo Sormani acquired the Feud of Missaglia and Brianza.
In 1965 Doctor Gaetano Uva, father of the current owner, carried out a restoration to the chapel of the villa, Santa Maria in Villa, bringing to light not only the original structure but also the artifacts of the Roman era.
The greatest thrill of visiting this villa today is to discover its course of events directly from the voice of the Conte Albero Uva, between anecdotes and a deep journey – and at times dreamy – in the history of Italy.

Useful information

To find out about the calendar of visits or events, refer to the official website of the villa.
If you don’t have the opportunity to visit the villa, but are intrigued by its mysteries, I recommend reading the book “La Notte dell’Adunanza” by Marco Grasso. Friend of the family and patron of the villa who wrote a novel in Dan Brown style inspired by the real mysteries and historical discovery in the villa.

Where to eat?

Finally, if you are looking for a gourmet stop a short distance for a lunch and a genuine dinner with only products from the national territory, as well as regional, I recommend the Osteria Contadina Verde Nero.
The modern and minimal location with its “fake old” effect welcomes diners in a calm and bright environment.
The menu changes weekly and offers dishes with the best raw materials of the national territory, and very often also KM 0.
In detail we have ordered:
– The mythical appetizer of the tavern (tris of cold cuts brianzoli, goat of Albita goat and polenta of Vimercate with cooked salami)
– Pochet egg (in Valtellina buckwheat on fresh goat ricotta mousse and slinzega chiavennasca frays)
– Triangles of buffalo and taggiasche (on rocket salad and with Cantabrian anchovy anchovy)
– Fresh Scialatielli with farmer’s ragout (with pork and white onions all KM0)
– Bacon of local pork (baked slowly for 12 hours and served with braised KM0 cabbage)
– Apple and cinnamon pie
– Tiramisu
– Catalan cream
– 1 coffee
– 2 Waters
– 2 Goblets of Pink Negramaro rosé (Masseria Altemura, Salento, Puglia)
The service is kind and cordial and allows the right waiting time to pass between one dish and another.
The bill does not betray the quality of what is tasted with a good value for money. Total of our lunch: $ 81,50 in three people.
Negative aspects: from the room, alas, windows do not overlook particularly interesting landscapes as they are the back of the building or the provincial road that passes in front.
The restaurant from outside does not invite much to enter, making it quite anonymous.

Osteria Contadina Verde Nero

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  2. That place looks gorgeous. I love the vibe, and I love all the history that’s there. Just looking at it makes me feel like I’m being transported back in time.

  3. I’ve read so much about Villa Sormani! You’ve provided so much great detail about it; I can’t wait to check it out one day when in Italy!

  4. The vibe is awesome! It’s all about the history and that’s all there. Looking forward to more posts just like this one!

  5. Looks like you enjoyed a great visit! I especially like exploring the local culture and food when visiting an area. You found some yummy-looking food!

  6. I like going or visiting a place and it’s really amazing that they were able to manage to restore the beauty and history of this place.

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  8. This looks like it was a wonderful experience! I would love to visit here and have a nice vacation there. It is gorgeous there and I know it had to have been a wonderful experience.

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