The fabulous 70s with their colors, patterns and kitsch combinations, are and will forever be the emblem of Baby Boomers. A revolutionary generation always on the move and determined to change the world. However, the revolution very often starts, and above all, from the home where a wife and mother, despite the role of housewife, can be as determined and independent as a man! What better witch than Samantha Stephens, of “Bewitched”, could I ever have chosen as the godmother of this set if not her?

The 70’s Style

The 70s fashion, identified almost always and only with the hippie style, actually collects a mix’n’match of styles and inspirations.
Surely there is no shortage of excessive fantasies and borderline combinations, but others are also its focal points. From jeans, to 40s-style skirts, to the unforgettable boots, almost always brown.
It’s by trying to reinterpret this fashion, in a modern key, that these casual, comfortable outfits are born, but which don’t give up on being above all original.
In fact, the artificial materials, often with metallic reflections, or the shoulder pads of the jackets that begin to widen, are typical of this decade, although the real peak will only be in the 80s. All elements taken up, in terms of inspiration, in the outfits I created.

Alberta Ferretti
/ Jersey “NKD” / Skirt “Forever 21” / Boots “Bonprix”

Samantha Stephens

Samantha is a loyal, compassionate, intelligent and loving woman. She isn’t afraid of being different and on the contrary she defends her principles and values โ€‹โ€‹tooth and nail.
Despite the efforts and the agreement with the patient and docile Darrin, her husband, Samantha will struggle not to use her magical powers, even if when it happens it is always in order to resolve some situation.
Serious and poised she also knows how to be extremely ironic, so much so that she often uses this talent to lighten the heaviest situations. Responsible and proud of looking after and defending her home, she deeply loves her husband even though they are very different. Day and night.
In its simplicity, this TV series has the advantage of telling and above all demonstrating how much and how being different from others isn’t a limit. This becomes such only when it’s allowed and conformed to the mass.

/ Jacket “Social Eras” / Shirt & Pants “Bonprix” / Ankle Boots “EMP” / Earrings “Rosegal”

Alberta Ferretti & Altuzarra

With Altuzarra the Seventies vibrations resonate very strong and although the reproduction of the outfit may not appear faithful, what I wanted to recreate were precisely these atmospheres at times psychedelic.
Two proposals, skirt and trousers, which are influenced by the last seasons of “Bewitched”, set in the 1970s precisely, and by the whimsical and cheerful character of its protagonist.