4 Low Cost Must-Haves for Catwalk Looks

Luxury and low-cost are synonyms and antonyms when it comes to looks. There are many details that, if copied in the right way, can give life to looks seen on the catwalks even if they were made with a low cost budget.
Today’s proposals therefore embody this concept, but also different styles and genres as all the outfits shown are inspired by very famous brands! No more chatter and hands to your wallet, let the shopping begin!
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The tie dye effect has its origins in the eighth century in Japan and then developed in China and the rest of the East. This effect creates random and unpredictable geometric designs on the fabrics through the combination of pigments and water.
In pop culture it became famous between the 60s and 70s, becoming a real symbol of the hippie movement. Among the icons that will make it their banner is the famous singer Janis Joplin.
After a period of decadence, the tie dye returns to fashion in the 90s with the grunge style and today forcefully makes its way up to reach the catwalks around the world.

Just Cavalli
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The animalier style is par excellence synonymous with audacity, elegance, sensuality and femininity. However, mistakes are always around the corner, such as the risk of appearing exaggeratedly whimsical.
The mix & match is the key to wearing this style in the best way. How? If you choose to accentuate your eccentric side, it’s advisable to focus on an animalier + stripes or polka dot combination. If you prefer a more minimal style then it’s better to focus on the animal print + solid color combination.
In any case it’s a trend that never sets and if the two previous solutions aren’t for you there is a third way: animal rock!

/ Trench INS” /

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If there is a garment that is an absolute must-have in every woman’s wardrobe it’s the trench coat, preferably beige.
Its name was born precisely because it was used by the English military in the same. To then land in Hollywood and from there become a fashion garment.
The brand that par excellence makes it its symbol is Burberry, which since 1879 introduced it in its creations.
The trench coat is undoubtedly one of the few items that, season after season and year after year, never goes out of style.

/ Dress Koandaily /


Erdem’s aristocratic femininity is becoming increasingly popular among celebrities and royalty and it’s easy to understand why.
The floral aspect is at the center of all her creations that are inspired by a woman as courageous as she is chic in her being soap and water.
A retro glamor style that reflects the aesthetic imbued with Erdem’s vision of a whispered and never vulgar femininity.
It’s therefore inevitable to look for and wear these patterns, aspiring to recreate looks inspired by this brand, an emblem of charm and pride.

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