12% of the population suffers from migraines, as many as 1 billion people, of which 6 million in Italy alone. In the last period this number has grown because it is stimulated by a perennial condition of anxiety and depression, as well as by the constant use of the mask. Did you know that almost all surgeons, who use this medical device, are among those who suffer most from migraines?
In fact, this very painful headache is an increasingly common life partner and a lot of information and curiosity are associated with it. Let’s find out together!
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Correlation between Migraine and Obesity

A study that appeared in “The Journal of Headache and Pain” conducted by the Division of Clinical Neuroscience of the Oslo Hospital showed that obesity increases the risk of migraines. In detail, the fat deposited on the abdomen makes up to 29%, but it can reach up to 89% in individuals under 50.
In fact, obesity is associated with a 45% higher risk of migraine with or without aura, that is, with symptoms that threaten its occurrence, while the percentage drops to 15-25% for those who are overweight.

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A Light against Migraines

Thanks to diaries kept by patients suffering from migraines, it was found that exposure to green light reduced pain by 60%. In detail, these are rays which, if exposed, would have the ability to reduce the duration and frequency of the attacks of this headache.
The study was conducted on patients suffering from episodic or chronic migraine, carried out at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Comprehensive Pain and Addication Center and published in the journal “Cephalagia”.
In detail, it was noted that 86% of patients with episodic migraines and 63% of chronic migraines had a monthly halving of the days with attacks.

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Neurology and Migraine: Italian Pride

A research conducted by the Headache Center of the Neurological Clinic of the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” and by the Center for Advanced Magnetic Resonance Studies directed by Professor Gioacchino Tedeschi, was awarded the “Wolff Award”.
This award is among the most important internationally in this field and is conferred by the American Society of Headaches.
The study showed that the symptom of allodynia, a sensation of pain even for harmless stimuli such as combing for example, can be predicted through functional magnetic resonance imaging, even three years in advance. A very important discovery as this symptom is linked to a worsening of the migraine trend which will tend to become chronic.