The fabulous 70s shine more colorful than ever. The years pass, but their liveliness and desire for freedom always remain firm inspirations for the most famous brands. So let’s take the time machine and embark on a virtual exploration of 1972, all without abandoning the modern touch that contemporaneity gives to these styles.
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/ Top “Boho Treasure of Nature” / Ankle Boots “MEC” / Earrings “H&M”


It’s April when in Turin, Angelo Pezzana founded the “Unitary Revolutionary Homosexual Front”. The beginning in Italy of a moment of recognition of civil rights and the desire to shout loudly, that being homosexual isn’t synonymous with infirmity. And so the international protest explodes at the Sanremo Casino, on April 5, in the face of the conference of the Italian Center of Sexology on sexual deviance, which proposes reparative therapies for homosexuality.
It’s remembering the courage of the demonstrators, who were filed and reported, that this Etro look comes to life. Eccentric patterns, bell sleeves and a great desire to appear meaningless and without labels!

/ T-Shirt “Hollister” / Pants “iHeartRaves” / Sandals “InBlu” / Hat “H&M”


On August 26 in Munich the XX Olympic Games will open and the joy and happiness of those moments is expressed through the confused joy of this Etro look.
The ever-present stripes and the bell-bottom trousers sum up the liveliness of a summer of sport which, however, will be stained with blood. It’s September 5 when a commando of Palestinian terrorists bursts into the Olympic village, the epilogue is tragic: two Israeli athletes will die and nine others will be taken hostage.

/ Dress “Boho Treasure of Nature” / Belt “Kiabi / Ankle Boots “EMP” / Sunnies “Ray-Ban”


Blumarine with its young and irreverent style perfectly recounts the excitement that ran through the streets of Turin in October, when FIAT exhibited its new car, the Fiat 126!
While young people dream of Woodstock and copy the looks of the flower child who participate in it, they imagine getting in the car and embarking on a journey of adventure and rock’n’roll. And what better choice than the latest release on the market? With a power of 23 HP and a speed of 65 Miles per hour it’s impossible to resist it. Its limit is the price, it costs $ 453

Luisa Spagnoli
/ T-Shirt “Stradivarius” / Skirt “Dresslily” / Foulard “Krizia” /


The ever-present elegance of Luisa Spagnoli, between simplicity and finesse, is the ideal inspiration for such an important moment as the American Presidential Election. Headscarf, like a good girl, but a miniskirt to break the rules. It’s the decisive and revolutionary femininity that surrenders in the face of a landslide victory. With 65% of the vote, former actor Richard Nixon is re-elected Presidents of the United States of America.

Our journey in 1972 ends, but not the desire to be inspired by its vibes! Which look inspiration did you like the most? And which 1972 event struck you?

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