The 1970s was a decade characterized by the search for freedom and the euphoria of wanting to read reality in a different way.
Unconditional love, the desire to rediscover nature and the discovery of the properties and use of herbs and crystals, has led humanity on a more spiritual and less material path.
It’s therefore impossible not to choose this historical period and its looks that perfectly communicate these concepts and their positive vibrations. To do this, I identified two Witches who have lived and interpreted these years, one in the center of the same and the other more towards the end of the 1960s, but directed towards the following decade. Who am I talking about? All that remains is to find out!

70s Wanda Maximoff

The TV series “Wandavision” is a dream journey towards the acceptance of grief and loss. Each person faces such a heavy moment of their existence in a different way and our protagonist, Wanda Maximoff , does so by relying on one of her greatest childhood passions: sitcoms.
Here, then, is that each episode is a tribute to a decade and the 4th Episode is inspired by this television genre relative to the 1970s.
Catapult yourself into a moment of Wanda’s agitation and worry, facing a sudden pregnancy, and deal with uncommon symptoms. A motherhood and a wait summed up in just 33 crazy minutes filled with love, wonder, irony, but also a pinch of pure restlessness.
This surreal and psychedelic atmosphere is perfectly summed up perfectly in the fantasy and colors of the Christian Dior look, the one I chose to reinterpret the protagonist’s outfit.

60s Sabrina Spellman

It’s Episode 8 of 2nd Season of “Sabrina – The Teenage Witch” when its protagonist she runs into the Quizmaster who decides to test her by asking her to prepare something from the book “Brewing and Concoctin With Two Hot Tamales” .
For the occasion, Sabrina prepares a Time Ball whose purpose is to travel to the 60s, however when Salem comes across the object, and plays with it, she accidentally swallows it. This sets in motion a reaction whereby the 90s in which Sabrina lives are transformed completely and totally in the 60s.
At first the young woman appreciates the change, but then she realizes that she has to restore order, thus putting things back in their place.
The rebellious spirit of the episode, as much as the protagonist, is reflected in her look in pure Woodstock style and no one better than Pin Up Stars knows how to interpret this mood!

Christian Dior & Pin Up Stars

The geometric prints were all the rage in the 70s and stripes were no exception, preferably multicolored like those proposed by Christian Dior and that I played with a Rosewe dress. But be careful, choose to always wear them in their vertical sense. This will make the figure slender, while if worn horizontally it will tend to enlarge it.
As for the brown color , it must be said that it was particularly chosen for fabrics in the 60s-70s decade. In fact, the hippie movement, which was born and developed in these two decades, was strongly linked to nature and this color is the same as the trees, the earth and therefore brought back the wearer to emphasize the strong principles in which they believed.
Whether it’s a total brown look or just a few details, such as the Pin Up Stars inspiration or the Forever21 dress I used, let this message pass loud and clear !