Whether it’s high-waisted or flared, the 50s-style skirt is a fundamental piece of every woman’s wardrobe, albeit very often bound to a medium-high age group. To a mother perhaps or to a career woman, but it’s difficult to imagine a young girl.
This skirt undoubtedly leads to posed looks, but who says they can’t also be jaunty and original? Today I will try to offer you two outfits using this item of clothing!
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The godet cut, or flared, is an evergreen that has never gone out of fashion. Long and austere or short and bold, it has been declined in multiple styles and fabrics.
In my case, the version proposed by Icerberg is inspired by the yatching style and offers an outfit that makes you dream of boat trips and maritime scents.

/ Top “Ralph Lauren” / Skirt “Piazza Italia” / Shoes “Asos” / Necklace “Louis Vittuon” /


The high-waisted model is a cult with which the vintage effect is always guaranteed. The same gives an innate femininity, but not necessarily austere if you know how to propose it again.
This is what Marco Rambaldi does with an extremely young and fun idea. With just one touch, it transforms a classic garment into a casual and sometimes whimsical one.

Marco Rambaldi
/ Sweater “Harry Potter” / Skirt “H&M” / Collant “Calzedonia” / Ankle Boots “Bonprix” /


Two other models of skirts typical of the period are the wheel one which is specially designed to enhance the curves and hide any defects. It narrows the waistline and gives a toned and slender look.
While the bell one has perhaps been the most revisited over the years: from the classic style in organza or brocade, to the more transgressive one in a punk-like style.
This is the demonstration that original and non-original vintage garments can also be worn in a different way from the traditional style.
Do you have skirts like that in your closet? What’s your favorite model? And of the proposed looks, which one do you like best?