10 Steps to Fight Laziness

The World Health Organization has photographed an increasingly inactive world. With 1.4 billion people who aren’t doing physical activity and an increase in health risks. The lazy ones? Women and inhabitants of rich countries.
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The causes of sloth in the modern world

New lifestyles and modern conveniences don’t help to move towards a healthy life let alone physical activity. The equation is simple: less physical activity = more diseases. In fact, just 20 minutes a day of movement are enough to keep away heart ailments, type 2 diabetes, dementia and also to strengthen the immune system.

The data of laziness

The women most focused on their physical appearance, are precisely those who sin more than laziness. For developed countries by 2025 there will be a 10% reduction in global physical inactivity. The United States and the United Kingdom have 40% and 36% of the underactive population. Unlike China which totals a decent 14%. Italy is no better with 41.4% of people who aren’t doing enough physical activity.
Bicycling, running, walking fast or swimming are only 150 minutes a week of physical activity to stop this dangerous descending parable.
Another factor contributing to sedentary lifestyle are the additives and preservatives contained in food. In particular, the phosphates present in many packaged foods. Would reduce the ability to move by depleting the muscles of energy.

The 10 steps to combat laziness

A simple set of guidelines for combating laziness and increasing health is made up of 10 points:
1. movement is essential to prevent many diseases;
2. try to be less sedentary, be predisposed to obesity;
3. children and young people must be able to move both at school and in their free time. Preferably in the open air;
4. exercise is also essential for the elderly;
5. moving means walking, playing, dancing or cycling;
6. if possible, go to work or school on foot;
7. if you can avoid using the elevator and go up the stairs;
8. try to walk at least 30 minutes a day at a brisk pace;
9. take advantage of every opportunity to be active: Housework, gardening, walking the dog, parking the car far, etc…;
10. practice a sport activity at least 2 times a week.

24 thoughts on “10 Steps to Fight Laziness

  1. I am suffering from a disease named procrastination. These are really practical tips. Will try to incorporate them.

  2. My step tracker says I haven’t been nearly as active as I should be the past few weeks. When life is normal I usually meet my goal. Thanks for the reminder, time to get moving!

  3. I do my best to stay active. This lock down period can make you just laze around and snack your life away. Your tips are spot on. I know of someone who would need to read these tips and put them into use. Thanks for writing this article.

  4. I’ve got to admit, I’ve been a lot lazier than usual while we’ve been in lockdown. I think I need to try and fit in a few online exercise classes or something each week before it’s too late!

    Louise x

  5. These are all really great tips. I will admit that I do get a bit lazy at times, especially lately now that I haven’t really been able to leave the house with quarantine.

  6. I’ll be honest, if it were not for my pups, there are days that I would likely slack off completely… Luckily for me, they are NOT shy about reminding me when I haven’t taken the time to take them out! They need their daily walk and they are pushy about it if I’m falling behind lol

  7. I was just thinking about how I’ve been inactive this morning. There isn’t much to do since the quarantine and I’m now gaining weight fast. I’m lazy too and I need to move.

  8. This is all very true and I have practiced those 10 points for many years. However, this covid thing is actually making me not get out as much. I need to be more intentional about it.

  9. Getting in a daily habit of being active has made a huge difference in my life! It does take effort at first, but it helped me a lot to have friends and family to workout with so I would stay motivated and accountable.

  10. Sometimes it’s hard to be lazy with a toddler but it’s even harder to do exercise with a toddler. My girl makes me run and play and sometimes I am extra exhausted but she keeps going so I think I’m not that lazy I’m just lazy on doing an exercise routine.

  11. much informative…. Being lazy is the worst experience one can ever face… therefore it is necessary to make yourself healthy…. really beneficial post… Thanks for sharing it

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